Nashville food truck serving up New York deli inspired bagels, sandwiches and more! 



Robert Kane grew up in upstate New York where he held various positions in kitchens starting at the age of 16. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from SUNY Geneseo in 2007. After graduating, unsure what career path to take, he returned to the culinary world working as the catering manager at Red & White Catering in Binghamton, New York. He now hopes to share some of the flavors he grew up on with Nashville.  Robert is chef and co-owner of Bare Naked Bagel, creating quality food from locally sourced ingredients.

Justin is the proud husband to Heather Buttner. They live in Spring Hill, Tennessee and are expecting their first child in September 2014. Justin was raised in upstate New York near a college town that makes some of the best bagels the state has to offer. He earned his bachelors degree in business and went on to experience employment in the corporate world. After 8 years of working for others and living in 6 different states, Justin was looking for something more. In search of a path that would provide a deeper connection to the community and freedom to pursue meaningful work, Justin returned to one of his favorite pastimes, a real New York bagel. Now living in Tennessee, realizing that he could not find the quality of bagel he was accustomed to, he decided to follow his passion of entrepreneurship to bring a true New York bagel to Tennessee. This endeavor would give him the opportunity to become a bigger part of the community and the ability to give back more often. To accomplish this, he had no doubt that a partnership with his good friend and chef from New York, Robert Kane, would be the best solution. The idea of a New York style bagel truck was born. With a commitment to using fresh, local ingredients and giving back to the community, Justin is a co-owner and operator of Nashville’s first bagel truck, “Bare Naked Bagel.”




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