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Justin, and his wife Heather, moved from sunny Upstate New York to Nashville in 2012.  After carefully navigating the upcoming Nashville culinary scene, Justin quickly realized… well, let’s be honest, Heather actually realized… there were no authentic, handmade bagel food trucks in Nashville!  What a shame!!  So Justin called a guy - his Geneseo College best friend, psychologist-turned-chef, Robert.  After hours of business plan development, Justin convinced Robert to pack up the Italian restaurant dream and head south into Bagel stardom!    

On April 12th, 2014, the Bare Naked Bagel truck was born… on a cart.  Yes, the now 26-foot Bare Naked Bagel truck started as a cart (nearly embarrassing, we know).  Fortunately, this was the little-cart-that-could.  Justin and Robert hit the streets!  Literally, the first day they hit a street curb trying to park the cart – those things are difficult to maneuver.  They attended local food and music festivals and parked outside office parks.  Slowly, but surely, Nashville grew an appetite for bare-naked bagels.     

The years flew by… at least the first three years did.  And Justin and Robert realized it was time to grow the business.  So again, Justin called a guy – his older, snobbier brother Ryan.  Now Ryan couldn’t tell a bagel from Cronut, but he had spent his long and storied career working with some of the best chefs and restaurateurs in the world, including, but not limited to, Marcus Samuelsson, Jean Georges Vongerichten, and, most significantly, Daniel Boulud.  (And yes, famed Cronut-chef Dominique Ansel, too.)

Today, Bare Naked Bagel has expanded its menu beyond bare-naked bagels to include breakfast foods, bagel sandwiches & wraps and New York style-deli foods.  What’s next… Matzo Ball Soup?  (Hey, that’s not a bad idea.)

Sure, there are other good bagels in Nashville… Bagel Face, Proper Bagel, Star Bagel… we like competition.  But Bare Naked Bagel will forever be Nashville’s first handmade bagel food truck!  Now, on to a brick-and-mortar store…